Covid 19 policy for Tau Game Lodge safety

COVID 19 Policy

Keeping you and yours safe

As we all continue facing the challenges brought on by Covid-19, Tau Game Lodge is preparing for the moment when travel will be possible again.

The global Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the world in a way that has seen many of us rethink our ways of working and living. To safeguard the well-being of all its guests and staff, Tau Game Lodge is adopting additional health and hygiene measures, giving our visitors complete peace of mind about their future stay while providing them with an exceptionally comfortable, exciting and memorable experience.


Due to its size, we don’t expect Tau Game Lodge to be operating at full capacity in the short term. This will, however, allow for the extra space available across our variety of different venues to be utilised applying the current social distancing rules. We will also be able to alternate the use of each room and deep clean rooms meticulously before each new arrival. In order to practise sensible social distancing during game drives, we will allow for a maximum of six people per vehicle, with the option to request a private vehicle at an additional fee. Our delicious and healthy meals will be served à la carte and tables will be spaced apart at an appropriate distance.

The COVID-19 protocol that we have put in place at Tau Game Lodge is for the safety and reassurance of staff and guests. This protocol is outlined below;

In order to prevent an infected person from checking into the lodge guests will be required to:

  • complete and sign a questionnaire before the arrival day.
  • allow their temperature to be scanned with a thermal scanner at the Lodge on the day of arrival.

If a guest’s temperature falls within the normal range and they do not show any symptoms they will be required to sanitise their hands and proceed to check-in.

Check-In / check-out: All items on the front desk (pen, registration form and room key) and the receptionists’ hands are sanitised, in front of the arriving guest, prior to any guest interaction. Guests are required to sanitise hands and credit cards, prior to interaction.  The speed point machine is sanitised before and after every use.

Guests are encouraged to bring along their own protective masks, but we will also have masks available for sale in the Curio shop if needed.

Hand sanitisers (alcohol based) have been rolled out in back of house areas (such as kitchen, office, laundry, staff restaurant and bathrooms) as well as front of house guest areas (such as reception desk, bar, restaurant, lounge, chalets and meeting rooms).

Public areas staff have been rostered to ensure regular sanitising of commonly touched surfaces.

Guest hand sanitisers (alcohol based) are placed in easy reach of guests in public areas of the lodge with a notice encouraging regular use.

Sanitisers for luggage handlers at our lodge entrances have also been issued to ensure hygiene for themselves as well as all our arriving guests.

Chalets We have implemented deep cleaning procedures for sanitising our chalets including all touch points e.g. remote controls, handles, light switches.

Protective wear such as protective gloves, aprons and face masks are issued to housekeeping and public area Guest Service Attendants when on duty and cleaning equipment with a disinfectant cleaner between guest and rest rooms.

Laundry: Linen and towels are washed on the hottest wash cycle at 80°C. All the linen is ironed on a hot setting. Towels are tumble-dried until fully dry and hot enough to kill any potential viral matter. 

Food and Beverage: Our meals will be served a la carte and not self-serve buffet-style, so in individual plated portions rather than communal bowls and platters.

Used crockery and cutlery will be placed in the dishwasher and washed at the highest temperature as per required standards.

Filtered water units have sanitiser and wipes on hand to clean buttons, taps and handles before and after use.

We are committed to playing our part in trying to prevent Covid-19 from escalating

Emergency partners

Africasafe-t our local medical emergency partners are on stand-by and are based in the Reserve. We have agreed on a clear procedure and on the exact course of action to be taken in the event of a suspected case at the Lodges.  South Africa boasts the highest standard of healthcare in Africa, with an extensive network of private doctors, specialists and clinics.

Peace of mind

We are aware of many people who had their travel planned for milestone birthdays and other family celebrations, but sadly were unable to travel due to the current circumstances. Therefore, we offer a prepaid voucher for flexible travel dates, which gives one the freedom to choose dates at a later stage and the option to postpone if needed. Dates are flexible as we do understand that travel restrictions are being updated constantly. This will ensure peace of mind and an amazing experience to look forward to.